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NetBSD Architecture Farm

This documents the state of the machine room as of early 2000, while NetBSD 1.4.2 release builds were going on here. Near the end of 2001, I moved to a smaller apartment, but Real Life has so far kept me from hooking everything back up. Just imagine double-height shelves, and the recent additions: a VAXstation 4000 VLC, an IBM WorkPad z50, and a Mac Quadra 800AV.

uni Mr. Chekov, you've got the con
This is uni (i386), my stable machine and main desktop. Most of the windows are remote logins to other machines, shown elsewhere on this web page. (Going around the room left to right; sorry, no pictures of the whole room yet, right now it's too cluttered for that.)

leia vader and kenobi
To the left is leia (macppc), an iMac. Unfortunately it had to be running MacOS for the QuickCam software. When I get a chance to redo all these pictures, the lighting on this one will be a lot better, promise :)

To the right are vader (i386) and kenobi (arm32), the original core of the architecture farm. They remain the most reliable of my netbsd-current machines, probably because their parts were all bought new at Fry's (except for kenobi's ATX motherboard and memory, which were purchased from the UK). They both have S3 VGA cards driving a pair of old monitors, located on the top shelf of the wire rack to their right.

NetGear FS-108 On the left is one of the two NetGear 8-port fast ethernet switches that form the core of the farm's network. bespin
On the right is bespin, an HP 9000/735 workstation with a six-drive disk array. It boots HP/UX 10.20 from the bottom drive and serves a striped filesystem on the other five to the rest of the network.

lando, another (slower) HP 9000/735, is barely visible here, but is partly showing in the NetGear picture. Currently running HP/UX 10.20, it eagerly awaits the chance to try out an hp700 port of NetBSD.

Media: the fourth branch of goverment in America This is the Architecture Farm Entertainment Center.

the new soda the old soda
The Mac IIci shown above has just had a big new hard drive installed, and will shortly become soda (mac68k), to avoid disturbing the original soda (pictured on the right) until I'm done using it as a reference.

dagobah To the left is dagobah (sun3), a Sun 3/60. threepio
To the right is threepio (sparc), a SparcStation IPX.

chewie obi-wan To the left is chewie (alpha), a DEC Multia. To the right is obi-wan (arm32), a DEC DNARD ("shark").

yoda threegx
On the left is yoda (next68k), a "slab" NeXTstation (68040, grayscale). To the right is threegx (sparc), a SparcBook 3GX, pictured in its natural habitat, reading email over breakfast. A certain historical figure whose name is unwise to speak aloud appears to be the subject of this morning's History Channel presentation.

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